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USB-2416-4AO DI/O Support





I'm a mechanical engineer trying to develop a simple actuating circuit for my solenoid valves using the DI/O from the USB-2416-4AO. My question is related to the solid state relay that I need to use for this. Of course the DAQ wouldn't able to supply the 1.3A current that the solenoid needs and the 24V DC supply would fry the DAQ if connected directly. So I am wondering when my DAQ receives the actuation signal from a pressure sensor, what voltage/current will the Digital I/O port generate according to which I can size my relay? I have some understanding of sinking current but I am not fully confident! I have attached a draft of the circuit I think might work.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Screenshot 2024-04-16 131911.png

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Hello @metalhouse.

The USB-2416-4AO can sink up to 150 mA max (per eight channel DIO bank) and supports a voltage level of +15 V.

Take a look at the following solid-state relay (SSR).



The +5 output terminal 35 can source 10 mA max. for the SSR.




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