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Eclypse Z7 ZMOD Core

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Hi everyone,

I have an Eclypse Z7 and was looking to build a Vivado project with the 1410 and 1411 ZMODs.  When I use the board definition provided by Digilent in Vivado, there isn't any core/automation for the ZMOD interface logic - is this documented/downloadable elsewhere?

I've worked with Zync/MPSOC within Vivado/Petalinux before so understand the basics.  My main issue is the support for these two ZMODs seems weak with Petalinux but I might not be looking in the right place.

Any references would be great!


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Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the forums.

There's no board file support or connection automation for the Zmod controller IPs. They're provided through the vivado-library repository on Github, but it's expected that you would base your designs on existing demo projects. I'd refer you to the following demos:

Hope this helps,


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