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Instacal doesn't see DT9816



I'm trying to port an app that works with a dt9816 on a win7 Panasonic Toughbook (and has run for many years) to a win11 computer. I installed Instacall 6.74, but it doesn't see the board. I checked the  DT9816UM manual but found little help and bad links. I saw reference to a special 5 line usb header for the board, but the actual connector on the board and the cable it has been running with seem to be standard.  I'm not able to locate the original info for the board, but it does have a label with the numbers 142520B and 1CE990F.

The win7 system is running instacal 6.73, but when I try to download this the only versions available are much earlier, and v6.23 is now claimed to be the "latest".

   What is going on? What should I try next ? Thanks for your help - Gil

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Thanks Fausto for the explanation and Omni installation instructions. Like a lot of the directions I've been trying they just don't seem to work at first, but eventually got there. Things are going ok so far and hopefully I won't need to bother you again,  at least for a while.

Thanks again and best regards - Gil


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