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DAQami Won't Launch



Has anyone had any issues launching DAQami? The program was installed and when you launch, the splash screen appears for a few seconds, then nothing. Run as Administrator has the same effect. The version installed is 4.2.1 and I'm running Windows 11.

Does anyone have any ideas on getting this to launch? I appreciate it!

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Hello @nicktts.

If you recently installed DAQami on a Windows 11 system (or upgraded to Windows 11), then you need to update the target system with the latest version of InstaCal.


DAQami installs a version of InstaCal which is not compatible with Windows 11.  Please confirm that the target system has the current version (6.74) of InstaCal installed.

If the system does have the latest version of InstaCal installed, then it could be a corrupt daqami.mcfg configuration file.  Browse to the C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Measurement Computing folder.  Delete the daqami.mcfg and restart DAQami.  DAQami will create a new configuration file. 




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