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Student from germany


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Hello Digilent Forums,

i'm a german computer-science student and just finished the bachelor to now walk into the master studies. There had been plenty projects in uni to explore FPGAs and we're (the uni) kinda well equiped with boards. I had the opportunity to work with Nexys4 and ZyBo and started a little youtube-channel about SDSoC. The thesis was about building a Vectorgraphicsunit (for displaying 3D on oscilloscopes). The thesis-stuff is published under GPLv3 and i'll get the project up to the project-vault as soon as i can (there's still some github-readme-work to do).

Cheers and see you around in the forums,


Attached is a photo of a 3D Cube on the Oscilloscope (yes, the engine can rotate, scale and move the cube)


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