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Hi all,

We have a strange problem for using the runtime libs in version 

Currently, we use digilent.adept.runtime_2.21.3-x86_64, a driver libftd2xx.so.1.4.22 is installed.
This works for long time. Now, we are would use an Arty7 Board.
In this constellation, we become bit errors in using jtag - chain operations (using DjtgPutTmsTdiBits).

For that we download digilent.adept.runtime_2.27.9-x86_64 and link the needed libraries
libdabs, libdftd2xx, libdjtg, libdmgr, libdpcomm on to our application.
On start application we use even the new libs.

But it crashes before main function is called in app.


Now we have done an experiment:
we link the old (2.21.3) runtime libs to our app.
For start the app we use the new (2.27.9) libs.

This works for us perfect. The tests are working.
But this is a problem in logic to link old libs for using a newer version.

Is this problem known, or is where a solution ?
Can be a solution to get a download link to the runtime_2.22 (but complete set, also for windows) ?

Many thanks for an answer !



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This is not a known issue - we have linked our own libraries and applications against 2.27.9 and they run without issue. I'm curious to here if you also experience this problem with 2.22.1, as that is the earliest release that includes SSL/TLS support for the ADP3xxx series.

Below are links for the desktop installers:


The Adept SDK (includes lib files for linking in Windows) hasn't been published since 2016 since the public API hasn't changed.

Can you please tell me which distribution of Linux you are using?


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Hi Michael,

we have used a Linux7. But i am think, this was not the problem.
We have found, that it works also with digilent (2.27.9) libs, then we load the libs with dlopen (... ,RTLD_LAZY | RTLD_DEEPBIND),
but with an older build profile from us.
Also, i do not know, how stable that construct is over time.

But very thanks for answers,
Thanks, Percy

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