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Firmware Update for USB-1208HS-4AO on Linux

David Calatayud


Hello all,

I'm reaching out for some assistance with a USB-1208HS-4AO device I've recently acquired. My goal is to integrate it with Python on a Linux system. Following the setup instructions on the mccdaq UL for Linux GitHub repository, I attempted to run one of the provided C example programs. Unfortunately, I encountered the following error:


Found 1 DAQ device(s)
  [0] USB-1208HS-4AO: (01E92182)

Connecting to device USB-1208HS-4AO - please wait ...
Error Code: 93
Error Message: Incompatible firmware version, firmware update required 


After reviewing the Linux Product Support documentation, it seems that the device requires firmware version 1.07 or newer. However, I've only been able to find firmware updates for Windows, specifically at this Digilent link. I'm at a loss for how to proceed with updating the firmware on Linux.

Does anyone have experience with this or know where I might find a Linux-compatible firmware update? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, David

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Hello @David Calatayud.

Firmware updates for MCC devices are done on a Windows system with MCC's InstaCal utility software.

Please connect your USB-1208HS-4AO module to a Windows system and launch InstaCal.  

Once in InstaCal, the device should appear in the list.  Double-click on the device to open the Configuration window which shows the firmware version and serial number.  Please reply with a screen capture of that window.  

After updating the firmware, connect the USB-1208HS-4AO module to your Linux system and retest the example.

MCC supported devices with UL for Linux




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Hello @Fausto,

Thanks a lot for the quick response! I followed your instructions, connected my USB-1208HS-4AO to a Windows machine, and ran the InstaCal utility. Everything went smoothly with the firmware update.

I've now hooked it back up to my Linux system, and the example ran without a hitch this time. Really appreciate the help on this!





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