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DAQami software cannot get the right data from DAQ (USB-1608G)



I have a probleme similar to this one, but I'm using a USB-1608G.

After verification our sensors have an impedance between 1 and 2 kOhms. Do you have any recommandations on how to implement the convertion from high impedance signal to low impedance ?



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Hi Clement,

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to solve this issue. For my case, I need to connect with an operational amplifier or switch to a new photodetector with integrated amplifier.  Hope this helps. 


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Hi Qiwen,

You were thinking to use an operational amplifier as a Voltage follower ? I was looking for a pre-made solution but signal conditionner are expansive and i need 10 of them, so i was thinking to implement a simple voltage follower, but I'm not sure if it's the right choice.


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