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USB-1608GX connection issues after using a_in_scan




I have a rather interesting problem when trying to use a_in_scan with my USB-1608GX-2AO device. I am using the python uldaq library and have written a small script to test the a_in_scan function as I need it for a larger application:

import numpy as np
from icecream import ic

from uldaq import (get_daq_device_inventory, DaqDevice, InterfaceType,
                   AiInputMode, Range, AInFlag, AInScanFlag,

# Get a list of available DAQ devices
devices = get_daq_device_inventory(InterfaceType.USB)
# Create a DaqDevice Object and connect to the device
daq_device = DaqDevice(devices[0])

# Get AiDevice and AiInfo objects for the analog input subsystem
ai_device = daq_device.get_ai_device()

# Sample acquisition rate in Hz
rate = 200

# Number samples per channel.
samples_per_channel = 200

# Number of channels, must agree with specification of low_channel and
# high_channel below
num_channels = 1
low_channel = 0
high_channel = 0

buffer = create_float_buffer(num_channels, samples_per_channel)

actual_scan_rate = ai_device.a_in_scan(

data = np.array(buffer[:]).reshape(
    (samples_per_channel, num_channels)).transpose()



The first time I run the script after physically connecting the device, it runs fine and returns the expected input value. However, when I try to run the script multiple times, it either immediately fails to connect to the device and returns the following error:
uldaq.ul_exception.ULException: 8: Device no longer responding
during the daq_device.connect() command in line 8. Or it returns an input value of 0 and the same error occurs in one of the following executions. After the error occurs, I have to physically reconnect the device. When trying other functions such as a_in() with this device, they work as intended, so I don't think my device itself is broken.

I have also tried running the AInScan.c example provided by libuldaq, where the device shows exactly the same behaviour. The first time I run the example script everything is fine until I terminate the process and try to run it again where it gives the same error code I get with my own script. 

I have another MCC device, USB-2408-2AO, and have tried both my script and the AInScan.c example on this device. Both worked fine, so I am not really sure how to solve this problem. Is this a specific problem with the USB-1608GX device or am I missing something really basic here?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted (edited)

Hey @Fausto,

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and libuldaq-1.2.1. However, my Ubuntu OS is running as a VirtualBox VM, which has not caused any problems with my other MCC devices..

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