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MCC134 Sampling rate limit




I can see that the sampling rate for the thermocouples is limited to 1S/s, I am looking to collect data at close to 1000S/s for a study. 

1. Is there a reason why MCC134 is limited to 1S/s?

2. What alternatives do I have if need to achieve the above-mentioned sampling rate (1000S/s)?

Thank you.

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Hello @vick.

The sampling rate of the MCC 134 is 1 S/sec per channel.  The result stems from the components and design.  There are no plans to change the design to increase the sampling rate.

For sampling rates up to 60 Hz, consider the MCC USB-2408 for supported MCC hardware with Linux and MCC hardware with Windows. 

(The MCC USB-2408 can sample at a faster rate.  However, since thermocouples are susceptible to pick up noise from the surrounding environment, a data rate based on the primary noise frequency is recommended.  For example, to reduce the effect of 60 Hz noise, select a data rate of 60 (or a supported submultiple of 60, such as 
10 or 5).)



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