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Direct TCP/UDP communication




We are using MCC E-1608 DAQ cards in our production with official Uldaq API for Python and with uldaq C++ library, but measuring takes too much time-about 1,5 second. I found out that the most time-consuming task is searching for devices on the LAN-about 0,9 second. We are using few other components on LAN and for every of them I wrote Socket script In Python, where every component has own static IP, which is super fast and stable. Something like you can see bellow. But you haven’t instruction how to do that in your manuals. I set static method and I am able to ping DAQ on their address via cmd line, but I can’t open communication. Also I tried to set pin 0000 wo success.
Second code which I send to you is how we are using Uldaq for measuring voltage now. 

Can you please help me with setting connection directly to DAQ without using uldaq script for searching all devices on LAN? We are using 1 card for fixture and there is local network for every machine. 

code_we _use_for_other_component.py code_we_use_for_DAQ_with_uldaq.py

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Hello @Micka1792.

UDP or TCP protocols are not directly supported.  Access to the E-1608 is only via InstaCal/Universal Library on Windows or via libuldaq and uldaq libraries on Linux. This applies to other MCC's Ethernet devices such as the E-DIO24 and E-TC.




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attached Python example
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