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Regarding the operating environment of DasyLab12




We updated our laptop to use DasyLab12, but it doesn't work properly. Can you give me some advice on how to fix it? We got a new laptop with Windows 7 installed because our existing laptop broke. And we installed DasyLab12, which we had previously purchased, there. However, when we start DasyLab12, an x mark is displayed on the MCC2408 mark at the worksheet and it does not work. Also, the MCC item is missing from the "Modules/Inputs/Outputs column" in the left column.

Also, could you please advise which version of InstaCal or MCC DAQ CD we should install to make DASYlab12 work properly?



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Hello @Fukuda.

DASYLab V12.0.1 was released in April 2012 and supported by the following Windows OS releases.
• Windows 7 32 bit
• Windows 7 64 bit
• Windows Vista 32 bit, SP2
• Windows Vista 64 bit
• Windows XP Pro SP3


For your Windows 7 system, please update the OS with all available Service Pack releases.

At the time of the DASYLab v12.0.1 release, InstaCal was at version 6.23.  However, the MCC drivers were updated with new signature certification for the Microsoft extended verification at that time, especially for Windows 7 64-bit users.  Recommend installing InstaCal version 6.60.  (InstaCal Archive)

Install InstaCal first and then verify the software can detect the connected MCC USB-2408 device.  Afterward, close InstaCal and install DASYLab v12.0.1.  At the end of installing DASYLab, a user must enable the Measurement Computing package in DASYLab's Configurator utility.  Since DASYLab v12.0.1 is not supported, I used DASYLab's 2022 Configurator as a visual.



Next, close the Configurator and launch DASYLab v12.0.1.  The MCC-DRV modules are stored in the Modules - Inputs/Outputs - MCC-DRV folder in the DASYLab browser.







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