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USB-TC Set Thermocouple Type



I'm writing a Windows C# program using the Universal Library and a USB-TC device.

I would like to know how I can set the Thermocouple Type for each temperature input.

I would also like to know how to surpress the pop-up message "Temperature input has open connection" which occurs if no thermocouple is connected. 

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Hello @Sirius.

Use MCC's InstaCal software utility to set the thermocouple type for each channel pair on the MCC USB-TC



There is no option listed in the MCC Universal Library Help to suppress the message, so you will need to trap those errors and handle them accordingly.  Recommend not selecting a channel without a thermocouple connection obviously, but understand that thermocouples can break, so the error is helpful. 

Error temperature values:
-9999 is returned when a value is out of range or an open connection is detected.
-9000 is returned when the device is not ready. This usually occurs right after the device is powered up and calibration factors are being loaded.






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Hi @Fausto

When the application is distributed to customers, they will not have access to the InstaCal application so it is essential that the configuration is performed by my application.. 

If the InstaCal application can set the ThermoCouple types then there must be a method in the Universal Library that performs that function. 

I have found the method to suppress the pop-up messages - it is MccService.ErrHandling(...).



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