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Directed here by a vendor and I'm kind of lost

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Hello I am an IT Engineer thrust down a rabbit whole just trying to understand what my options possibly could be. 

I'm trying to move some systems from windows XP to something more modern and one of the limiting items is that we are using is a KPCI-488LPA. 

When I emailed Keithly about the problems I have trying to put it on a modern operating system I got the following response.  

This email is regarding the request you raised to Tektronix Technical Support




Unfortunately, we sold this part of our business quite a while ago to MCC DAQ who is now owned by Digilent. I would go to the site below to contact them for support relating to this install.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) | MCC DAQ | Digilent

Best Regards,

Applications Engineer | Keithley Instruments


Your Request

 Hello we are trying to install KPCI-488LPA on a windows 10 computer 32bit

However when we install it in keithley compatibility, we get an error message saying there isnt enough resources to run the api  "



So my main question is 

1. is this old part still supported? and if it isnt? what would be the most compatible unit for us to attempt to try? 


Thank you and I apologize if im in the wrong space. 

Any suggestions is very welcome

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