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Can MCC 134 be used with Grounded Thermocouples?



Hi Application engineers,

In my application, the thermocouple (TC) wires would be directly attached to a sensor for temperature compensations evaluation, so it is a kind of grounded TC. I could place a thin film between TC wires and my sensor, making it an UN-grounded TC, it would be better if it is compatible with grounded TCs. Please let me know?

An grounded TC normally has a higher capacitance than an un-grounded one.  Some TC modules have low capacitance  input limits. 

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Hello @GGu2024.

We do not recommend connecting the thermocouple tips directly to a sensor or metal surface without isolation (i.e. thin film, epoxy).  A direct connection makes the thermocouple susceptible to noise which will affect measurements.  Additionally, electrical surges or static from the target surface can damage the MCC 134 board.    

MCC 134 Electrical Specifications





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