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DT9817, how to get Device_ID on VB6?



Not sure if I am on the write group but my question is how to get either a serial number or device ID from the Data Translation DT9817.

QuickDAQ does show me a "Device_ID" when the device is plugged. I would like to get that information from VB6 but I don't know how to call it?

I use the DTAcq32 and there's no members that get the device ID or some identifier.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @gup_08.

QuickDAQ was developed with Data Translation's Open Layers.NET.  The DTx-EZ ActiveX library for Visual Basic 6 does not have a wrapper function to return a Data Translation device's serial number.  However, the DTx-EZ document (found in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Data Translation\Win32\DTx-EZ\Documentation') instructs a user to add the OLMEMDEFS.BAS and OLDADEFS.BAS modules to the project.  In the OLDADEFS.BAS module, resides the DA SDK function olDaGetHardwareInfo().  The DA  SDK Help describes the function. 





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