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DT9812 USB Connection Issue (Device Descriptor Request Failed)



Hi there,

A DT9812 is faulting with the error shown in image below (Device Descriptor Request Failed). We have confirmed it is not a power supply issue. 

The other DT9812s can upgrade their firmware and have no issues. This DT9812 is on an older firmware but does not have the option to update the firmware (see image).

How can you update the firmware for this device, without using the device properties window?


I appreciate any help you can provide.

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Hello @rreynolds.

If that DT9812 does not show an option to update the firmware, in those Properties window tabs, then the device cannot be used with that target system.  That device has an older board revision and cannot be repaired/updated by us.  You would need to use it with the system and Windows OS that was successfully used in the past.  



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