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One DAQ with Multiple PCs?



Hello, I'm considering purchasing and evaluating the DT9837A DAQ along with the QuickDAQ advanced FFT package, however based on the reading I've done, I understand that you can only use the license on a single PC. In our use scenario, multiple users could require the use of the analyzer (one week one person may be using it, next week another user) with their own PC.

Is there any way the license can be stored on a USB Dongle OR installed on multiple PCs and only used on one PC at a time? I'm ok with the license being tied to DAQ s/n, or tied to multiple units to allow for multiple users to share a pool of available DAQs. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @mikeg.

The QuickDAQ license is a single user license.  We understand that the license may not be used on a mobile Windows system and end-users may have systems in multiple locations.  As long as multiple users are not using QuickDAQ with the same license concurrently, your scenario should be within the policy rules.



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