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replace Nexys2 with Nexys4?


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We are successfully using the Nexys2 boards and the intro_digital_design-digilent-vhdl_online.pdf from Diligent for a short digital logic intro class. We need to get several more boards, but the Nexys2 seems to be discontinued. My question is, will the Nexys4 work with the exercises ‘as-is’ in the pdf intro text? Nexsy2 is Spartan-3E, looks like that has switched to Artix-7 in the Nexys4. 
We only use the simplest features, switches/buttons to LEDs, and maybe the 7-segment display once, no video or other ports.
thanks for your advice.

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Hey dCas,

You should be able to closely follow that pdf with the Nexys 4. The main differences will be the part in the project settings and the UCF file used with the Nexys 4. Other than those two things, you should be able to recreate all of those projects. On top of that there is some more room for expansion since the Nexys 4 has 2 7 seg displays and more switches and leds. 

Using the Nexys 4 also opens you up to using Vivado however that wouldn't follow very closely with the PDF's when it comes to simulation and programming. I've personally found Vivado to be a little easier to pick up than ISE. (simulator and hardware programmer are integrated)

Ill keep an eye out to see if you have any more concerns.


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