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Control MCC DAQ from Java?



Hi there,


We have a fairly complex piece of custom software written in Java, running under Windows 11, which we use for a specialised lab test.   Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the Java.

We want to control a USB-202 DAQ from within this Java program, so that when we start and stop a test (via mouse clicks) it also signals to the DAQ.

All we want to do is to send a pulse to digital output 1  for START  (this controls a separate piece of hardware) and then a pulse to port 2 for STOP.

I'm not much of a programmer, and I am extremely weak in Java, but we do have collaborators that can help.

Can I ask the forum what they think the best approach is here?   I gather that C#  is reasonably compatible with Java, or we could use the Python interface to the DAQ via Jython or similar.

Is it possible to compile a simple Windows-compatible  .exe that would control the digital outputs from the command line in Windows?   then we could just call StartDAQ.exe and StopDAQ.exe from within Java fairly easily.

Thanks in advance,







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Hello @BillBennett.

MCC does not offer Java support.  If you have developers to assist with C# and Python with Java, then try that option.  Otherwise, compiling a MCC Universal Library executable to run a specific sequence of commands with the MCC USB-202 seems a viable approach as well.



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