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Setting Up Pmod ToF for Arduino uno



So currently ive been setting up the Pmod ToF for an Arduino UNO using the Arduino IDE.  The code that im using is from: Add Time of Flight Sensor to Arduino Due (digikey.com) and I modified it so that A4 and A5 were assigned to the SDA and SCL lines. 

However when I run the code: My first issue is that I had to offset the distances recorded by 200 and wanted to know if its just an issue with my sensor in general or not?.

My 2nd issue is that when I set the calibration distance to a value and I then calibrate it with the steps given and lets say my calibration distance was 0.2m and my object is set to be at 0.2m. Is it that at that value its suppose to read 0 or 0.2m? Because for me when my object is at 0.2m and my  calibration distance is set to 0.2m it reads the objects distance as roughly 0m

Any help would be appreciated and thank you.

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