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USB-1808X TMR0 synchronous with OTRIG and OCLKI using Universal Library



The datasheet for the USB-1808X specifies that the TMR outputs can be paced by the external clock OCLKI.image.png.0bb308d36c7688874a967170aacd7952.png


However, the Universal Library functions that use the TMR ports are pulse_out_start and pulse_out_stop, and unlike a_in_scan and a_out_scan, there is not EXTCLOCK option.

What is the proper way to pace timer output operations with an external clock using the MCC Universal Libary?

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I don't observe this behavior on my board. We have a 12 kHZ 3V clock wired into OCLKI, and a 0.5 Hz 3.3V square wave wired into OTRIG, and we find that the TMR0 output is only synchronous to the OTRIG signal, and not OCLKI.

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