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Error code 8 on USB-3104



Dear MCC team,

i am using a USB-3104 on a raspberrypi 4 (Debian 12, 64 bit).

Unfortunately, if (and only if) I am connected to other I/O devices via USB i stochastically get Error 8 (bad device).

I managed to reproduce the error using "AOut" from /libuldaq-1.2.1. Unfortunately, reproducing the setup (my other devices) will be very hard.

I can confirm that the problem also occurs with other usb cables and and other usb ports, with and without usb hub. It should also not be a power problem, i am using active hubs.

Hence, first some general questions:
* Can we exclude that the device if faulty?

* Are there timeouts set in libuldaq, if yes where in the code?

* Do you have any other ideas how to debug the USB stack? Obviously the problem could be at any level from the linux kernel upwards (no output in dmesg however). It is very worrying that there is "crosstalk" with other devices.

All the best,

PS: I now attach usb debugging output, the error occurs around line 686



~/libs/libuldaq-1.2.1/examples $ ./AOut


Active DAQ device: USB-3104 (0209CCA9)

Enter a value between -10.000000 and 10.000000 volts (or non-numeric character to exit):  2
Error Code: 8
Error Message: Device no longer responding



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attached usb debug output
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Hello @ChristianW.

UL error code 8 - An analog output function or method was called with a board number that referred to a board that does not have an analog output (D/A).

I tested a MCC USB-3106 with a RPi 4 (Debian 12, 64 bit) and the AOut example from libuldaq-1.2.1, but I did not get error code 8 with initial tests.  Here's what I did to reproduce the error code 8.  First, I tested the uldaq example, a_out.py, which worked and did not generate an error code 8.  Then, I retested the python example again with a value outside of the voltage output range to cause the example to fail.  Next, I retested the libuldaq-1.2.1 example, AOut, and that's how I was able to generate the error code 8.  Cycling the USB cable connection and retesting the AOut example seemed to have cleared the issue.  Does cycling the USB cable connection resolve your issue?  What other devices are you using?  Do you have other USB-3104 modules with the same issue?  If so, please test those USB-3104 modules with a Windows OS and MCC's InstaCal utility application or MCC's DAQami application.




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