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MCC 118 or MCC 128




I have an MCC128 DAQ hat to monitor and record the currents of a sensor, but we are thinking of using the MCC118, I wanted to know more information about the different Input ranges, as the MCC118 only has +/- 10V. The voltages we are recording have a voltage range of 0-0.6V so what are the main differences when using different input voltage ranges in the data that is output.

Many Thanks

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Hello @STuson.

The MCC 128 DAQ HAT has a 16-bit A/D and four analog input voltage ranges (+/-1 V, +/-2 V, +/-5 V, +/-10 V), while the MCC 118 has a 12-bit A/D and only one analog input voltage range (+/-10 V).  If your voltage signal range is 0 - 0.6 V, then an input range of +/-1 V, using a MCC 128, will give you better resolution.

Some lite reading.  https://digilent.com/blog/accuracy-precision-resolution-and-sensitivity-what-do-they-mean/




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