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Synchronously read 3 AI and 1 DI using 1608GX in C#



I am writing a C# windows program that needs to synchronously read 3 AI (voltages) and 1 DI (pulse).

The Universal Library has a DaqInScan() call which seems to be what I want, but it is not supported on the 1608GX board (as far as I can tell).

What is the best way to continuously read 3 AI and 1 DI in the background and ensure that all 4 values are synchronised (i.e. all sampled at the same time)?

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Hello @Sirius.

The MCC USB-1608GX does not support simultaneous capture of the analog input channels, since the channels are multiplexed before reaching the A/D.  Additionally, the MCC Universal Library function, DaqInScan(), is not supported by the USB-1608GX.  Synchronously reading 3 AI (voltages) and 1 DI (pulse) is not supported on the USB-1608GX.

If you set the sampling rate to the maximum supported rate of 500 kHz aggregate and connect your digital signal to the 4th analog input channel, would that scenario work for your application?

An alternative MCC device is the USB-1808X.





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Thanks @Fausto

If we chose to wire the pulse to the fourth AI, do you have a recommendation for the wiring of the input? I do not have a separate power supply available, but I assume that I could wire the 5V output on the 1608GX to AI 4 via the pulse switch?



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