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Compatibility between JTAG HS2 programming cable and the MYIR Z-TurnBoardV2

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"Hello. I have an application where I need to use a JTAG debugging connector. The board I'm working with is the Z-turnBoardV2 from the manufacturer MYIR, which contains a Xilinx Zynq7010 FPGA. Has anyone here worked with this board and could let me know if the Digilent JTAG HS2 programming cable is compatible with the JTAG communication of this board?"

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I'm not familiar with board you mentioned, but if the device uses a Xilinx Zynq 7010 (and otherwise has an appropriate JTAG topology) then it will be compatible as per the JTAG HS2 Reference Manual containing the list of compatible devices provided by AMD: https://digilent.com/reference/programmers/jtag-hs2/reference-manual#supported_target_devices.

The main caveat I can think of is that the JTAG HS2 does not have a pin connection for the PS_POR_B to reset the ARM core processor, so you will be limited in that regard for debugging processes for the Zynq board, though you can still load bitstreams. The JTAG HS3 does have this pin however.

Edit: I look up this board. There is a physical problem: the 2x7 JTAG header this board has uses 2.54 mm spacing rather than the 2.00 mm spacing that the Digilent JTAG HSx devices and the Xilinx development boards use. You would need some sort of converter to account for this physical difference. This thread discusses some of the options here:


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