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DT9837A with Matlab - Daisy chaining more than two devices



Hi there,

I am successfully using matlab to drive two DT9837a cards, following the procedure (master / slave + connect cards via RJ45 cable), getting the signals, plotting processing, it works smoothly.

Now, for a specific experiment, 8 channels might not suffice, and it would help to have 12 simultaneous Analog Input channels ... what if I want to use three DT9837A simultaneously ?

With kind regards,


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Hello @NicolasJ.

Since you have code working for your two DT9837A modules in MATLAB, then a few minor code changes and a wiring reconfiguration should do it. 




The EP386 RJ45 panel is no longer available at Digilent.  However, a possible alternative could be the following 3rd party product.






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