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Hi all,

I am a newbie trying to work DasyLAB out and could do with some assistance. I have no doubt the experienced will be able to do what I am after in very little time.

I have a transducer reading flow and another reading pressure.

- The pressure will drive a VSD pump ensuring it maintains the required pressure.

- The flow will record the flow. But I also need to record the length of time the system is actually flowing.

I need to count the time in which the liquid flows past the transducer, from when it starts to flow to when it stops flowing. Can anyone help to achieve this part of the process.

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Hello @Namder.

Which version of DASYLab and which daq hardware module are you using?

How far along are you with your DASYLab worksheet?

Have looked at the included examples found in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\DASYLab\{version}\eng\worksheets\examples folder?

Additionally, the DASYLab Reference page has a list of several tutorials and training videos to help users.

Attached is a basic start for a (DASYLab 2022.1) worksheet, so still a long way away from what you envision.


Note: as mentioned in the Forum Guidelines, "do not expect that the Digilent staff will create and complete a project for you that meet your expectations and requirements. We may be able to provide some advice and feedback for you, but as mentioned previously, there is not a ready-made solution to everything."



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Posted (edited)

Hi Fausto,

Thank you for your assistance. My apologies for not getting back sooner.

I am using DasyLAB 13. Hopefully soon to upgrade to the latest version.

I have IOtech Personal Daq/3000 hardware.

Unfortunately the worksheet you provided is not compatible.


I did get this timer operation to work. I have since upgraded the test station and now have more hurdles to jump.

Edited by Namder
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