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Possibility of streaming data from the mcc118 to Matlab.



Dear Measurement Computing team,


I recently acquired a mcc118 HAT that I intend to use in conjunction with a couple of accelerometers in order to build a predictive maintenance system using Matlab. I am able to stream data from my accelerometers directly to matlab so I was wondering if I can do the same with mcc118.

if it is possible to stream data directly to matlab can you point me to some resources that might help me achieve this?


With respect,

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Hello @JGSRY.

There is no support toolbox for the MCC DAQHATs in MATLAB.  Are you running MATLAB on your Raspberry Pi?

Which data acq device are you using to stream the acquired data from the accelerometers into MATLAB? 

The MCC 118 does not support accelerometers directly, unless a signal conditioner is used.  The MCC 172 supports IEPE sensors such as accelerometers.

There are no existing examples, but you could attempt to develop code in MATLAB using MCC DAQHAT's C Library Reference.



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Dear @Fausto

Sorry for the late response, I dont think I formated the question very well, sorry for the confusion, so I'm using CN0549 with a Cora z7 FPGA to stream acceleormeter data to matlab, and seeing that I want to also predict the RUL within matlab I was wondering if I could also do the same with the mcc118. 

I will see what I can do with the provided linbary in C, 


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