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What is a good DAQ for a Torque Sensor?



I have a torque sensor that outputs torque values as an analog signal ranging between +/-5V that maps to +/-500Nm of torque and a digital speed signal that produces 360 pulses per revolution using a 5V TTL signal. We would also like to use a thermistor (RTD) to get ambient temperatures, but I was wondering if the USB-1608FS-Plus would be a good option for us? The main drawback I see is that there is no galvanic isolation between channels and possibly no galvanic  isolation between the device and the PC. I think the USB-1608FS-Plus would be the ideal solution for us outside of the device not having the isolation we desire. Is there a similar device that provides galvanic isolation that could also meet the above requirements? Or is it possible to get a special configuration of the USB-1608FS-Plus? The DT9829 seems to have the isolation we want, but no counter circuit.

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