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InstaCal is unable to recognize ethernet connection between computer and streampix camera



I am having trouble with InstaCal recognizing a connection between the emergent technology camera (HR-2000: 10GigE camera with AMS CMV2000) and the computer (image attached). The purpose of this connection is to connect the camera with StreamPix software. I have contacted the StreamPix technician and they have told me that InstaCal is not a requirement for connecting the camera with StreamPix. However, the StreamPix manual has a specific step that has you use InstaCal during the setup process. I am wondering if this software is required for connecting the camera with the StreamPix software, and if this issue could be fixed.


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Hello @kumemori.

MCC's InstaCal utility software supports MCC devices, no 3rd party devices.  From your screen capture of InstaCal, it looks like you have a USB-PDISO8 connected to the target system.  Most likely, this MCC device is used by the StreamPix software, but the instructions are not clear why a user must run InstaCal.  If there are no configuration instructions for the USB-PDISO8 in the StreamPix manual, then close InstaCal before running the StreamPix software.



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