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Electrical issue with JTAG-SMT2 board




My company built a PC board to program a FPGA with the JTAG-SMT2 device, but it is not working properly. I am currently using Adept, which can detect the device in the device manager, but when I try to initialize the chain I get a stream of "Found device ID: 0xFFFFFFFF" followed by  "Initialization Failed". 

During my debugging, I stumbled upon this post  which seems to have the same problem, but didn't really give a solution. 

When I probe the TCK line I get this form on the oscilloscope:


To add to the problem, this waveform is the same if the line is floating or connected to the FPGA.

The board where the SMT2 is placed is practically empty of other components and the FPGA is the only thing connected to the JTAG chain. The power supply is good enough to drive the module.

Has any of you encountered this problem before? 



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