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Information seeking licence extension of Genesys 2 board

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Hi, I bought Genesys 2 board way back in 2017 . I am working now on vivado ver. 2017. Due to some technical reason i want to upgrade to vivado 2023.2 .I want to know how to extend the licence of Genesys 2 board.

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Hi @Dharmendra,

Unfortunately, the voucher that comes with the Genesys 2, as set up and dictated by Xilinx, only entitles users for one year of updates of the Xilinx software, upon which you will be able to continue to use whatever version was last installed without restriction.

Digilent has not received any communication from AMD/Xilinx on being able to extend licenses (nor are we allowed to individually sell vouchers), but maybe AMD/Xilinx support can offer some additional insight on what options are available to you.


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