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DAQami USB-TC The specified channel is invalid.



 We have been using a USB-TC with the DAQami software. It was working in the past, but now when starting acquisition, DAQami displays the message "An unknown error has occurred. The specified channel is invalid.". When using InstaCal to perform an Analog test, 5/6 connected channels display the value -9000, while one displays a numerical reading.

Is this a fixable issue?

Screenshot 2024-01-08 144113.png

Screenshot 2024-01-08 144202.png

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Hello @jsdi.

According to MCC's Universal Library Help:

Error temperature values:
-9999 is returned when a value is out of range or an open connection is detected.
-9000 is returned when the device is not ready. This usually occurs right after the device is powered up and calibration factors are being loaded.

I will reply to you via private message to setup a repair.



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