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In the forum Guidelines section there is this recommendation: "If you have a completed project or tutorial you want to share, a subforums titled “Project Vault” and “Tutorials” are available in the General Discussion section.".

As someone who's posted projects to both of those sub-forums over the years, I'm happy to see that stated. Unfortunately, both sub-forums are places where users continually post questions or other content. This reduces the chances of other users finding content that might be helpful or of interest. The quality of experience for readers and people posting projects would be much better served if Digilent made a better effort to curate those sub-forums, by moving irrelevant posts to a more appropriate sub-forum area. Occasionally, someone on the Digilent staff does this; but there is no obvious on-going effort to do so that might be call "curating".

I've mentioned this before; nothing's changed, so I'll mention it again.

Digilent is certainly good at promoting such work materials when if makes for good sales pitch... even when they aren't quite as advertised.

I think that Digilent should be proud of its forums as a place for educational enlightenment, not just for selling stuff. A sign of pride might be better oversight and maintenance. Edited by zygot
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I agree that the organization of content on the Digilent Forum (and various other Digilent owned websites) are not an ideal state. Peeking behind the curtain, it is a goal of ours to identify, prioritize, and execute on a number of documentation clean up tasks during our "spare time"; I'll make sure that Project Vault and Tutorials subforums are included in this effort as well.

Thank you for the feedback,

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