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Infrequent, nearly new, user trying to connect to Analog 2


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Well after nearly a year since I last used the Analog 2 device, I plugged everything in and absolutely nothing happens. I recall an LED inside the device would previously illuminate. But nothing happens, no USB connection shows.  So, what might I be doing wrong? or, from another viewpoint; How do I connect this device?  (previously it posed no issue, just plug and play, using just the USP connection, with the same computer).

Please help.

Thank you.




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Hi @Jaye,

Do you get any error message with the no USB connection? The LED within the Analog Discovery 2 only illuminates when the WaveForms software connects to it.

I would also try connecting to it with a different USB cable and/or different computer to help eliminate those sources of error (I've had both USB cables and USB ports fail on me before).

These two threads also have some good information as well:

Let me know what you find out.


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