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Trouble with TracerDAQ Strip Chart Functionality: Seeking Guidance




I am a graduate student enrolled at Drexel University, and I'm currently facing an issue with the tracerDAQ software while attempting to execute a strip chart. Despite successfully launching the software and confirming that all the hardware connections are established and functioning correctly, I encounter a problem when I click the 'play' button to initiate the software, as it does not work when I do so.

To provide a more comprehensive overview of my issue, I have attached a file containing the error details related to the trigger.

I kindly request the assistance of this community in resolving this problem. Any insights, suggestions, or guidance on troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


trigger error.txt

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Hello @Bankole.

Please download and install the MCC DAQ software suite (v6.75), but do not select the TracerDAQ option.  Afterwards, download and install the current release of TracerDAQ PRO (v2.3.4.0).

Which version of Windows OS are you using?

Which MCC daq device are you using?

MCC's InstaCal utility must detect the MCC daq device prior to using TracerDAQ PRO.  Additionally, close InstaCal before launching TracerDAQ PRO.

Please reply with screen captures if you continue to have issues.



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