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MCC WebDAQ 904 Questions




I was searching Digikey for some DAQs to use in an isolated test system. 
It looked as though the WebDAQ904 was a pretty good option, but I had some concerns I wished to ask.

  1. Digikey says the inputs are "4 - Analog, 4 - Digital" but the datasheet seems to imply that the data logger cannot record from any of the digital inputs. Is this correct? Is there a way to configure it so it can read both the analog and the DIO?
  2. Spring terminals are a bit of a concern for the test system environment we had in mind. Is it possible to have it ordered changed/order parts and replace the spring terminals? Looking at other terminal blocks like screw blocks / flying leads / connectors like Dsub. When I was looking into the connector type, it seemed the pairing side was intended to only take similar terminal blocks that are also spring loaded.


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Hello @DYJ.

During an acquisition, the WebDAQ 904 acquires data from the selected analog input channels listed in the Job Editor.  Digital channels are not available channels.



However, the digital bits can be used to trigger (start/stop) the job and trigger alarms.  The alarm conditions can be used to track the state of the digital bits separately, since conditions from digital bits and analog channels are saved in a *.txt file.

WebDAQ 904 User's Guide

WebDAQ 904 Help

The included spring terminal connector is the only connector available for the WebDAQ 904.



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