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Export DASYLab data to Matlab



DASYLab has introduced a new "Precision of floating point value" in its "write Data" module which apparently increases the precision: double (REAL64). However, the MATLAB Function for converting ddf files to MATLAB no longer works (It looks for channels). Does anybody have an update MATLAB function to convert this new format? 


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Hello @btahayori.

I am not aware of an updated MATLAB DDF Tool.  From what I have found online, that tool dates back to circa 2010. 

Which versions of MATLAB and the MATLAB DDF Tool are you using?

The DASYLab file format, DDF, defaults to single (REAL32).  



If you specify double (REAL64) for the DASYLab datafile and intend to use the data in MATLAB, then create another worksheet to write the DDF file's data to an ASCII file format in DASYLab.  Afterwards, use the ASCII file in MATLAB.




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