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Instacal software. Old installers for obsolete systems

Hendrik van Heerden



We are trying to get a decommissioned system back online to test for viability of upgrading and use. It used digital and analog encoders. The encoders were read via DAQ and DIO isa cards on a windows nt system. The hardware is up and running, but the Instacal software complains about a cbul.sys file. I have seen that it indicates a duplicate, which is possible, since we recovered the windows nt system from backups. We would like to try a clean install to exclude having to search for and manage files and file versions. Is there a way that we could get a older version of InstaCal installer, (we don't have the original installers anymore) that would be compatible with windows nt and isa cards. A LOOONG SHOT, but worth  try.


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