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USB-2533 Compatible Programs




I am looking to log and monitor signals coming in and out of a photovoltaic sensor. What DAQ program can I use with the USB-2533? I was not able to get Matlab or DAQami to see the hardware, but I was able to write a script with the .NET Universal Library to change the frequency of a timer. I would like to be able and use both differential and single measurements to determine the response rate of my sensor. 

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Hello @CrisB.

In addition to developing a custom application with MCC's Univeral Library, you can use ULx for NI LabVIEW library and DASYLab.

Use MCC's InstaCal utility to configure the analog input channel mode to differential mode for all the channels.  A differential input channel can wired as a single-ended input channel by connecting the ACH# LO input terminal to the AGND terminal. 

USB-2533 User's Guide

Universal Library Help



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