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Using the MCC USB 201 for continuous control and variable plotting

Kamil Hassan



I am trying to use the DAQ card along with MATLAB DAQ Toolbox (open to other suggestions) to continuously observe a variable from the DAQ card Analog Input. I want to plot this data live (can be downsampled just to see the general magnitude). In addition to that, I want to use the input as a threshold control such that when the input is higher than a certain value, a digital output is provided to one of the DAQ card terminal. Is this possible?

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Hello @Kamil Hassan.

You can use a MCC USB-201 device with MATLAB.  Please reference the following instructions for the requirements and configuration steps.


However, the 'Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Measurement Computing Hardware' package does not support the digital I/O channels.


Alternative software options to meet your needs are DASYLab and the ULx for NI LabVIEW library with LabVIEW.







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