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DT9812 - can't find driver after driver uninstall & reinstall



I have a DT9812.  In device manager, I uninstalled the device, and hit the checkbox to uninstall the driver for the device.  I then repairedOmni-CD software install package. The device was still showing as an "unknown device" under "other devices, so did a full uninstall & reinstall of the Omni CD software. However the device still does not detect drivers.

Can someone advise next steps?  Changing the USB port the device is using did not help.  The device itself is fine - when I plugged it into a different computer ti was properly recognized.






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Hello @bsee.

What brand and model PC are you using, when the device is not detected?  Which version of Windows OS is the system running?

With the working system, what is the brand and model of the PC?  Which version of Windows OS is the working system running?

In your Windows Taskbar's Search field, enter appwiz.cpl and then select it to open Windows - Control Panel - Programs and Features.  Click on the Publisher header to sort the list.  Scroll to Data Translation.  What are the software versions of all Data Translation entries on both systems?



Lastly, what is the serial number on your device's backside label?



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