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Need Help with errors after running code for 15+minutes



To whom it may concern


I am an engineering student working on a temperature test bench. If i run the code i have attached ReadValuesBV1 by itself the code runs fine, (ran it and reading values for about an hour.) but as soon as i run the code with all the other code that my teammates have written i run into some issues. I have attached pictures of the errors I am receiving. The program will run fine for about 15 minutes and then i encounter error1 (image_2061) the code is still reading values but then i get "warning - address(1,2,3) using factory eeprom default values" after about another 5 minutes i get the second error(image00000) "warning - address(0) using factory eeprom default values" and address 0 board not responding and then it stops reading values completely. do i have to calibrate the board when somewhere at the start of the code, which i have attached, in order to prevent these issues. If so would i use the function below to do that and what would be the factory calibration values or slope values needed. if you know of any other method to prevent this i would really appreciate it. Thank you. The program that i encounter the crash on is when running mainguiJH.py which opens up a gui and has you select preset values to test and the program that calls functions from the file actually reading the values (ReadValuesBV1.py) is called MainAI. How do i fix this issue. Thank you any guidance would help.

mcc134.calibration_date()  Read the calibration date.

mcc134.calibration_coefficient_read()   Read the calibration coefficients for a channel.

mcc134.calibration_coefficient_write()    Write the calibration coefficients for a channel.



ReadValuesBV1.py mainAIdigilenthelp.py mainGUIJHdigilenthelp.py

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