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USB-3101FS FIFO capabilities? No mention in manual




I'm looking to inquire about the FIFO capabilities of the USB-3101FS, or wondering if the device is direct stream.

My goal is to output 8 custom analog waveforms at 20kHz for 300ms, so about 25k total samples would be needed for output from a buffer. Is a buffer not needed for this application if the device can direct stream? Can two of these devices be ran to output simultaneously, giving me 8 custom waveforms simultaneously? LabVIEW would be used to program these devices.

Thank you for any help.

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Hello @TAnd.

The USB-3101FS does not support synchronization with other devices.  With regards to your waveforms data, the host system is used to store the data, in user created buffers, and then the data passed to the USB-3101FS via the USB cable.  The analog output update rate is 100 kS/s per channel, which meets your requirements.




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