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TracerPro software




Dear Sirs,


I haven't used it in two years and could you a few minutes help getting it working again for a new project.  An application representative called my two years ago and he was VERY knowledgeable and in minutes he helped me get it working .  




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Hello @DrBill.

Which versions of MCC's InstaCal and TracerDAQ Pro software do you have installed on your Windows system, as well as the Windows OS version?

Which MCC device are you using?

After confirming both MCC software applications are installed, connect your MCC device to the Windows system.  Launch InstaCal to detect and configure the device.  If there are no detect and configuration issues with your device in InstaCal, then close InstaCal and launch TracerDAQ Pro.

Take a look at this TracerDAQ introduction video.

Other MCC videos on YouTube.

Lastly, depending on your MCC device, other alternative software options include DAQami, DASYLab, and LabVIEW support via ULx for NI LabVIEW.



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