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Analog Discovery 2 Setup Fail...


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When I connect and select the Discovery 2, all I get is an error.  Nothing else is connected to the Discovery 2, so it need not be drawing much current anyway. My Dell Inspiron 15R has potent USB ports.  

Discovery 1 can run from USB ports just fine...what the heck is the problem with this thing?

And when I use a 5V 1300mA supply, I get the same error!?

Please advise...




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I does not seem to be a problem of powering if you get the same error with external power supply but a problem of connectivity with your PC. Have you tried another USB cable? it might be interrupted on some place. If you have the same behavior try to move a bit the end of the cable in the connector. 

Let me know what you find.

Best regards,


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