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High speed data capture with PCI-DAS6033 in VB.net

Amanda S


Using background high speed data capture with MCC PCI-DAS6033 on 27 channels in vb.net. Sometimes the data I receive is invalid--often saturated at the negative end of the range. Looking for a member of the technical support team/engineer to help troubleshoot over the phone. I left a voicemail with customer support, and they requested that I post my issue here.

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Hello @Amanda S.

You mentioned 'sometimes'.  Is the issue reproducible with a different hardware or software configuration or in different environments?

Please verify your signal input wiring configuration (single-ended vs. differential) with the actual input mode in your code.  Also, check the analog input range setting in your code versus the actual signal input's voltage range.    Does your code select consecutive analog input channels or do you skip channels?  Do you wire a higher voltage signal next a lesser voltage signal or do you group the signal levels?  Is the invalid data always at specific channels, depending on the input signals, or does the bad data vary across all channels?

User's Guide: 




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