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Need License Key from Old PC: DasyLab 13.0



Hello everyone.  I'm new to Digilent.

One of our coworkers want to transfer DasyLab 13.0 from a PC of ours to a new workstation.  Problem is we do not have the license key with us.

This is an old PC and the license was purchased ages ago.  Can someone help direct me to how to retrieve the license key and transfer it to a new PC?

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Hello @JOSEC90.

The DASYLab license keys are single seat licenses.  Open the DASYLab Configurator on your old system to view the license key.  If that's not an option, then you will need to purchase a new license key.  https://digilent.com/shop/software/mcc-software/dasylab/

A new license key is (version) backwards compatible should you choose not to use the latest version of DASYLab.



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