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Timestamp requirement in USB-1808X DAQ

Joyal Borgia


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Hello @Joyal Borgia.

MCC software does not support time stamping.  That requirement will need to be implemented by the user via software, knowing the sampling rate of the acquisition and the start time.  

The USB-1808X supports two 32-bit general-purpose counters that can accept frequency inputs up to 50 MHz.  As explained in the user's guide, the supported counter input modes are Totalize, Period measurement, and Pulse-width measurement.  The supported timer output channels can generate pulse rates of up to 50 MHz, with programmable pulse widths down to 10 ns.  Note that both the counter input and timer output subsystems are separate from the analog input subsystem, which supports an analog input sampling rate up to 200 kHz.

USB-1808X User's Guide:  https://files.digilent.com/manuals/USB-1808X.pdf



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